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[dropcap]A[/dropcap] dream, an ambition of a lifetime, a quest, or perhaps that anticipated rush of adrenaline that drives you? Explore your beautiful world in the company of our professional fully qualified guides and instructors in a safe and friendly environment. We cater for individuals, groups, or why not plan your very own secret adventure for that once in a lifetime experience. At Freedom Expeditions Hiking is not just a hobby, it’s a science and we call it Essenceology.

We work hard to make your dreams a reality; one trip at a time. We believe in all things green and support the local community in our ventures all over the world, after all, its about spreading our love for all things natural.

“HIKE UK” is the UK’s premier service that allows you to explore our wonderful natural world in the company of a professional and insured guide. It will cost less than an annual gym pass. Either pay up front for all your trips or spread your costs over a monthly period. Make new friends, go with old friends, walk paths you have never walked before, explore beauty, explore the local history.

Head over to “Join Hike UK”  for more information on memberships and subscriptions. Click on “Hike UK Events” for a complete list of available Hikes with dates for members. Once a membership or subscription is purchased, all hikes included in that package are free for the duration of your membership/subscription.  A membership or subscription plan also automatically entitles you to special events, gear purchases at special rates, and invitation to our Meetups.

If you are looking for a larger outdoor adventure event, a celebration for that special birthday, a family reunion, or maybe a weekend in the wilderness with your friends, click on Packages and discuss your specific requirements with us.

Explore your world…Live the outdoors


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