Hike UK

“HIKE UK” allows you to explore our wonderful natural world in the company of a professional and insured guide. It will cost less than an annual gym pass. Either pay up front for all your trips or spread your costs over a monthly period. Make new friends, go with old friends, walk paths you have never walked before, explore beauty, explore local history.”

Once a membership or subscription is purchased, all walks related to that subscription are free for the length of the subscription.  A membership or subscription plan also entitles you to special events, gear purchases at special rates, and a VIP invitation to our meetups.

You can purchase tickets for stand alone events on the “PAYG” page, or purchase a membership or monthly subscription plan on this page to access a range of picturesque walks in the UK. With varying grades of difficulty and terrain to suit your needs, you are spoilt for choice.

Have questions? contact us using the “@FE” link and we will get back to you in 24 hours. Prefer to speak to us? leave us your mobile and we will call you back to answer your questions.

Please choose your Membership plan.

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Prefer a monthly plan? choose a subscription.

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Introductory Offer

Use the coupon code “Hikeuk2019” at the checkout page for an amazing 50% off towards any membership, subscription until 31st November 2019. You can only use it once per membership/subscription  so use it wisely.

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