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Our very own “Gear Up” Grading system to help you prepare for  your Hike.

  1. Description of terrain – S for summer

    1. S1 – low level walking, fairly flat ground with good path with a few rocks, not much up and down
    2. S2 – up to 600m, walking on good ground, can be steep in places, sometimes a path and lots of rocky bits
    3. S3 – from low level to summit, can be steep in lots of places, lots of ups and downs, no path and lots of rocky conditions, requiring a head for heights
    4. S4 – extreme rocky conditions, including graded scrambles up steep rock faces (where the use of rope, harness, helmets are not planned), including ridge walks where it is very exposed so a head for heights needed
  1. Description of terrain – W for winter

    1. W1 – low level walking on paths. Some snow and slush. Wet conditions. Some ups and downs on the path but no major climbs or descends
    2. W2 – above 300m. Walking through deep snow, off path. Steep inclines. No steep graded scrambles though.
  1. Level of fitness – F for fitness

    1. F1 – do not need to be very fit. Any problems with knees, hips and back is ok for these walks
    2. F2 – need to be able to walk 5 miles on flat ground with ease. Knee, hip and back problems ok with these walks
    3. F3 – need to be able to walk 10 miles on flat ground with ease, no/slight knee, hip or back problems
    4. F4 – need to be able to walk 18 miles on flat ground with ease, no knee, hip or back problems
  1. Kit required – K is for kit

    1. K1 – basic or lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers, trainers or walking trainers. Walking poles are recommended.
    2. K2 – good water proof jacket and trouser, good tough waterproof hiking boots (Bo or B1) with ankle support, gloves, hat and scarf. Walking poles are recommended
    3. K3 – B2 or B3 boots (we recommend B2), walking ice axe, helmet, harness, good/high quality waterproof jacket and trousers or salopettes. Waterproof winter gloves, synthetic mid layers, hat, synthetic scarf or buff, Walking poles required

As you come on expeditions with us we will discuss with you your requirements so you better understand the layering system and how it can work for you. Also, basically, wear nothing made from cotton. Preferably have good merino wool socks. For some people, merino wool base layers work really well. I prefer synthetic base layers.

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