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How do I book onto a walk/hike? 

On our website you can either search our walk/hikes in our Hike UK section. In this section you can then choose your payment method. Either a monthly subscription or pay in advance for a period of time and receive a discount.

Or search the same walks/hikes and pay for each event as you book onto them.

Either way a fully qualified and insured person, who knows the local area well and is a fantastic person to boot, will guide you. We only ask the best guides to freelance for us.

There are 3 Hike UK clubs. Choose which one you want to be a part of. Each one allows you access to certain walks/hikes and activities.

How do I become a member of Hike UK?

On the Hike UK section of our website you can become a member of Hike UK by choosing and paying for a membership. This can either be a monthly subscription or a discounted membership if you pay in advance for a period of time.

Simply choose the amount of time you would like to be a member of the Hike UK clubs.

There are 3 Hike UK clubs. Each one allows you access to certain walks/hikes and activities. Choose the one that takes your fancy. But do take into consideration your skill, knowledge, and equipment level.

How do I go about paying for walks?

If you are a Hike UK member then you do not pay for any walks/hikes and activities. You are paying for them through your membership fees.

You only pay for your fuel, food, water and any parking fees or accommodation, if you decide to arrive early or stay on afterwards. So we encourage car sharing, where possible.

If you are not a member of any Hike UK club then you can purchase tickets to any walk/hike or activity on our Pay As You Go section of our website.

Can I get refund if I decide I do not want to on the walk/hike anymore?

We will offer you a place on a future event first. If that does not cut it for you then we are happy to talk about refunds. We would rather not, it is a business after all, but you come first so all our refunds are 100%.

What happens if I am late to a walk/hike?

The group will wait for up to 30mins for any listed walkers on that event. After that they will set off for their walk/hike or activity.

If you miss your event let us know and we will offer you another place on a future event. Refunds are only given for special circumstances and you have to let us know and discuss with us before we authorise any refunds.

Can I recommend family and friends to Hike UK?

Of course. You will get incentives to help you do that. So always watch our website.

Can I discuss walks/hikes that I want do, which are not listed on your website?

Yes you can. We have a section on our website where you can discuss with us what you want. We can help you turn your idea into a life changing, something you will always remember, event for you and your family/friends.

How do I know which Hike UK club to be a member of?

Look at the walks/hikes and activities listed for each Hike UK club. This information will give you an idea of the level of difficulty, fitness needed and kit needed for each walk. Similar walks/hikes and activities are bunched together under 3 headings. These headings are the 3 clubs found in Hike UK.

If in doubt ask us on our Contact US section on the website.

What if the walk/hike or activity is spoilt by bad behaviour?

Whether it is you or someone else on the event, if the guide thinks that the behaviour is putting the group members in danger, then they will take the decision to stop and turn everyone back. Freedom Expeditions will always listen to the perpetrator of bad behaviour to get their side of the story.

But we will back our guides, unless the guides behaviour is not in line with our policies and industry standard guidelines. (These can be found on the British Mountaineering Council website).  In which case, we will not ask him/her to guide for us again.

But if it is you or someone else on the event, then that person will have their membership terminated without any refund.

Again your enjoyment comes first and to do that we need to keep everyone safe.

What if I get hurt whilst on a walk/hike organised by Freedom Expeditions?

Freedom Expeditions will always expect participants in our activities to listen to our guides and follow instructions. As long as you do that we will take responsibility for you. Of course,  we can not control weather, animals, rocks, bad footpaths, slippery rock surfaces etc. Our guides will be aware of these things and will let you know how to keep yourself safe. If you feel unsure about something then please ask. If you do not ask you will not know. So there is some responsibility on you as well.

The outdoors are wonderful and it is where, we hope, you will find your Freedom. However, things can go wrong and as wonderful nature is, it can be harsh and unforgiving. That’s what our guides are trained for to act in emergencies, so you get home. To enjoy another event.


  • We hope you find your Freedom and that we can be part of that journey.
  • Remember that the outdoors are uncontrollable, unforgiving and on the rare occasion can be lethal.
  • Most of the time though it is the most unique and memorable experience you will have.
  • Please respect our guides and the other people on the event you are on. Our guides are there to share their love of the outdoors and keep you safe.
  • Respect the environment. It has been there long before you came along and will be there long before you are gone.  (The country side code can be found on the British Mountaineering Council website).
  • Remember, if you want to gain outdoor qualifications, or just get more skills to help you enjoy the outdoors, we are here to help and guide through the process.
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