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Either by yourself or as part of group you will plan, lead and give you or your group a fantastic day out. Under the watchful eye of our guide every step of the way before and during the hike, learn how to plan, read maps, navigate and manage your group. Enjoy the feeling of achievement in a challenging environment. Our guide will be with you every step of the way so you can fulfil your expectations in a safe and rewarding way.

The Wanderer Club allows you to take a day trip or plan an overnight (max 1 night) wild camp into your expedition.

As part of your package we offer you 2 planning meetings with one of our guides prior to your expedition. This is done over an online platform using a video link up, so you or all of you can discuss the expedition in detail. Have your questions on kit, route, fitness and food answered. Each of these planning sessions will last from 30 mins to a maximum of 1 hour. So make the most of them.

We do not give you times or grade these expeditions, as this will be discussed with you and your group during the planning stages.

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Wanderer Monthly Subscriptions

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