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FE "Powerup" 121

30jun8:00 am8:00 pmFE "Powerup" 121To boldly go where many have gone before...

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The Power Up programme is like having your very own personal trainer for the outdoors. Choose from modules that will help you work towards building your competence and outdoor skills. Our Power Up’s are focused on hiking, (summer and winter), and rock climbing, (both single and multi-pitch). They are perfectly suited to busy individuals who want to make the most of the little time they have. Great for any level of skills. If you are unsure, send us a message and we will attempt to answer any questions you have. We will work together towards  achieving the skills, confidence and knowledge to safely go where many have gone before you… with our experienced instructors of course..for now…

121 power up’s are a great way to increase your knowledge, boost your confidence, and overcome fears.

Knowledge is Power…

#Power up’s need to be booked at least 3 weeks in advance.

#Each session is £135 per person per day.

#Each session is either a 9am to 5pm or 24hrs if you are “wild camping” or “snow holing” for example. Both the same price.

#Due to the personalized support required, the 121 power up’s cater to a maximum of 3 people (usually 1-2). It’s a great way to bond with (or impress) your partner perhaps (mums the word).

#You are free to chose choose multiple power ups from the list if you prefer to progress with multiple skills simultaneously. You are also free to change your power up’s anytime as long as you let us know 3 weeks in advance.

#Please ensure that modules purchased are appropriate to your competency, you cannot purchase and advanced module before completing a basic module unless this has been agreed by your instructor, contact us if you are unsure or  have questions our instructors are more than happy to assist you.

Each power up module can be:

“Independent” i.e. you can start module 3 before 1.


“Progressive” i.e. you need to complete 1 before you start 2.

Available “Power Up” options…

Hiking Power Up’s.

Summer Hiking Power Up’s:

Type of Module: Independent

You can mix and match modules in this section as each skill is independent of the next, you can for example purchase all three modules if you fancy learning navigation, camping and scrambling and fine tune your skills working your way up.

1.Micro-Navigation Power Up. (Recommended 6 sessions).

2.Wild camping Power Up. (Recommended 5 sessions).

3.Scrambling Power Up. (Recommended 6 sessions).

Winter hiking Power Up’s:

Type of Module: Independent

1.Micro-Navigation. Recommended 7 sessions

2.Snow Hole Power Up. 3 sessions

3.Vertical Power Up. Recommended 10 sessions

Rock climbing Power Up’s.

Single Pitch Power Up’s:

Type of Module: Progressive

1.Movement and Belay Power Up. Recommend 6 sessions

2.Anchor building and decisions Power Up. Recommended 3 sessions

3.Topping Out Power Up. Recommended 2 sessions

4.Learn to Lead Climb Power Up. Recommended 6 sessions

Multi-Pitch Power Up’s:

Type of Module: Progressive

1.Building belay stations Power Up. Recommended 6 sessions

2.Decision making Power Up. Recommended 2 sessions

3.Rescue Power Up. Recommended 6 sessions

4.Lead climb Power Up. Recommended 3 sessions

How does this work?

Purchase a power up for the activity you are interested in and we will contact you so we can  design the power up based on your individual skills, needs, and availability. All future power ups will appear on our list of activities to purchase with your Trail-names tailored to your needs.

We recommend an approximate number of sessions for each skill set so you have a rough idea how long it will take to learn a skill, but you progress at your own pace.


(Tuesday) 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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