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Boots What do I wear on my feet? Well first I always wear merino wool or blended socks. I have thin ones for summer, mid weight ones for spring and autumn and thick ones for winter. What about boots. Boots are classed in the following way: B0, B1, B2 and B3. Your trainer would be … Read more

Mid Layer Synthetic Jackets

In this video I am talking about why I would sometimes choose a synthetic jacket over a down jacket. Location is the lower slopes of Ben Nevis, Fort William, Scotland. Weather is showers, blustery winds and gale force winds and rain on the summit.

Waterproof Jackets


I wanted a good waterproof jacket. For years I wore a Regatta Calderdale jacket. It served me well. It was good at keeping me dry, warm and did not restrict my movements when out on the hill. I found myself wanting to do more. I wanted to climb the crags, tall walls I kept seeing … Read more

Early Days

Early Days Before I took the decision to earn my living from the outdoors I was just enjoying the experience of being in the outdoors. Going for walks over moorlands, through forests, over mountains.I still do enjoy it tremendously, but something has changed. Back then, when I watched documentaries and read about people like hikers, … Read more

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