Boots What do I wear on my feet? Well first I always wear merino wool or blended socks. I have thin ones for summer, mid weight ones for spring and autumn and thick ones for winter. What about boots. Boots are classed in the following way: B0, B1, B2 and B3. Your trainer would be … Read more

Waterproof Jackets

I wanted a good waterproof jacket. For years I wore a Regatta Calderdale jacket. It served me well. It was good at keeping me dry, warm and did not restrict my movements when out on the hill. I found myself wanting to do more. I wanted to climb the crags, tall walls I kept seeing … Read more

Montane Alpine Neo Stretch Jacket

Freedom ExpeditionsExplore your world-Live the outdoorsHomeFreedom ExpeditionsExperience the amazing outdoors with our qualified mountain guidesJoin Hike UKFreedom ExpeditionsContact us to create a “Tailor Made” expedition for your own special trip.HomeFreedom ExpeditionsExplore your World-Live the outdoorsHome Montane Alpine Neo Stretch Jacket  This jacket has a fantastic 2 way stretch. The alpine fit means it has plenty … Read more

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